Current Prices

$195.   for Practice & Lessons
$225.     More Popular and Recommended
difference? inner Rubber Gripper inside Smooth Waistband

All Models Include Sewn in Front Crease unless you specify not to include it.
choose from Reg - Latin or  Flared Hem Design

Leg Lining $35   (full front down to Shoe)
 Tuxedo Side Trim $25
Key Pouch $10
 6 Belt loops $15
Pleats single or double $10

Select Fabric to make your own unique pair
Stretchy Poly Black, Poly Crepe,  Poly Twill,  Wool Suiting, Pin Stripe and Colors
Super Fine Woolens is extra fee + $75, high end imports

VESTS  $150
Double Breast 2 Rows Buttons    $45
Tuxedo Shinny Lapel  $75
Long Length    $25 
Pocket Detail   +$10 upper Hanky  + $15 for Lower (2)

American Smooth   or  Tails Suit same price
Dance Suit Jacket + Tux Side trim Pants
Leg Lining, Side Trim, 100% Super-Fine Wool Fabrics

TAILS SUIT  Misc Items
Accessories for Tailsuit Customers only
Waist Coat  $35   Hanky  $15     Bow Tie   $25 
Ballroom Tails Shirt  $95 reg     
 $145  Pique Front  Stretchy Body Shirt with Briefs
Collars cotton $30  / Plastic $25  ea  up to 17 neck 
  Collar Studs / gold or silver  $10 pr
White Suspenders  $25  
Shirt Studs & Cuff Links $55
(genuine Mother of Pearl or  Black Onyx)

SHIRTS  $95 to $145 for most models
 In stock Ready Wear & Custom Made Designs to Order.
Tuxedo Shirts $125     Zip Front with Briefs $145 black or white (popular designs)
Rhine Stone Ties  $50


Ballroom Dance Shoes with Suede Sole
Very -Fine     Dance Amo     Port Dance
Regular 3/4" heel or Cuban high heel  1.5
$125 - $145 sizes up to 13