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Chat Box is Open anytime 24hrs chat with friends

Getting Started:

After you click
Chat Box here or link at the bottom ...

there are two fill in areas you need to type.
Your Name and an Optional Profile Box

This is where you put Student, Instructor, Competitor, Social, Salsa, Hobbies

Male, Female a slogan or funny word.  whatever you choose!

No other Additional information is Necessary to use.
You do not need to Purchase Anything.

We will Not  Try to Sell you Anything, The Chat Box is a Free Service

for our Customers, and Others to Chat about anything to do
with "Ballroom Dancing" or "DanceSport Competitons"

Info on Taking-Teaching Lessons....Ballroom ..DanceSport,
from Students-Instructors-Studio Owners-Event Organizers-
Ballroom Comp Vendors- and Good Social Dancers    Join in the fun!


in your profile, you can include a website link for free, or add you e-mail to your
name, by adding or
e-mail address in the form of:

that's it, and when someone wants to contact you, your info is available,
and can continue your comunication off this site.

Find New Students, Make New Friends, Find New DancePartners,
Sell your Products, However you want to use it is up to you.

It is Un-Moderated, meaning you may need/want to have a "private chat"
yes you can establish a private room of your choice, and have someone follow you there,
or group of others, to form a party of friends, or associates, and Chat In Private.

You can Block or Accept others.

You can Ring others to let them know you are Here.

You can Make the Text Bigger to See it, and Change the Text Type

You can turn on-off Sound Alert, to let you know when someone enters your Room
Invite others, so no-one else knows. Keep your Group Private. Un-invited also

See Tool Bar at top for these options  See Chat Help inside Chat Box  More Info

After Sign-In: The 2 Boxes, Name and Profile:

Enter the Main Chat Box.  There is One Main Dance Floor,
but you can hold a private chat with someone by clicking their name
and talk outside the main Dance Floor Area.

Start Chatting:
Type your Chat messages in the Space at the Bottom of the Chat Box window starting
on the left side lower area, and Press Enter or Return to Send your Message.

It Instantly Shows up
Un Edited, Un-Sensored, Un Reviewed, Un-Anything, so Caution:
You Read at your Own Risk, however when necessary your IP can be Banned,
and others will simply click " Ignore" and you will not be seen.

Launch a Private Chat:
Once you're in a Chat Box Room, double click a name on the list to Start a Private Chat Session with
anybody on that List. The other person needs to Join You, and or Allow you to continue.

This way you have control over who and when you want to talk/chat with, by going in and out of other rooms
or starting a Private Room of your own.

This Chat Box is intended to Serve the Ballroom Dance Community
so open discussion with the trading of knowledge, skills and expertise  plus
introduce Ballroom Related Websites for Discussion, or the Buying and
Selling of Used Costumes and Ballroom Apparel, or Announce an up- Coming Event
or Dance Competition. Anything as long as it is Ballroom DanceSport related.

Ballroom Danczrs Chat Box   click here

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Have Fun,

and keep on Dancin!