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How are Ballroom Pants better than slacks I wear ?

No Pockets, can I carry car key Id, or money ?

I can't decide on Pleats or Form fit

With no Belt Loops can I Wear a Belt ?

Does adding the leg Lining get Hot inside ?

What Colors do you offer ?

What Material do you use ?

How do I care for my DancePants ?

What if I order the Pants and they don't fit ?

How Long it takes to have DancePants made ?

How and when do I pay ?

Can I order online ?

Where are the Pants Made ?

How are Pants Made ?

Permanent Sewn-in Crease what is it ?

Difference between Regular - Latin - Flared Hem

What are the Prices ?

Can I order COD ?

any References of others Ordering and Satisfied ?

What else do you offer ?

Sample Fabrics and Ordering information ?

Who is the Person in Charge ?

Can I and How do I measure Myself ?

What is the Best Procedure to Ordering ?

What is the Bottom Line?

Q:1   How are DancePants
better than the slacks I currently wear

A: There are Several Benefits Wearing our-line
  as explained on this sheet.
Our outfits are designed exclusively for
Ballroom Competitions and Social Dancing.

We meet current industry standards with judges of events

Perfect for Tango  Salsa   Waltz  Rumba  Cha Cha
American Smooth and International Standard.
Various options and details allow
you to custom-order what you need.

The Hem design hides laces and socks.
 Permanent Crease runs down center of Leg,
looks sharp edge from the side.
  No Puffy Pockets / front and back. with keys and wallet

inner rubber gripper inside holds your pants up
slightly higher up 1" inch with wider waistband

wider leg design allows you freedom on the dance floor

improve your Ball-Room Dancing today

Q:2   Without pockets  
can I Carry a car Key, ID or Money ?

If you must carry small items select the key pouch.
Slightly larger than a credit card, located right inner side.

For Dancers who use a shoe bag, a key pouch is not recommended.
Its Handy for Going out Night Club Dancing or Hotel Room Key

sometimes a customer will require 2 key pouches. one on each side.
instructor who needs a place to put checks uses key pouch

but this takes away from the look and design of the pants.
remember " less is more " you have heard this from instructor?

Q:3  Pleats or Form fit. What's the difference?

A: Pleats have a relaxed fit with Folds of material front.
 The two 1/2 inch folds are stylish and allow for slight weight gain
Form Fit is more Smooth Front, not tight,  
Perfect for cuban motions,
Tuxedo Pants are Smooth Front or Single Pleat

Q:4  With no belt loops can I wear a belt?

A: Yes but your pants no longer require one to hold your pants up 
Your new Dance Pants will include a Rubberized Gripper inside
  The Smooth Sturdy Waist band
holds your pants up, Stomach Flat,
 & keeps your Shirt Secure to not pull out.

Select Belt loops if you wish to wear a belt as option.
1 1/4   1 1/2    1 5/8   1 3/4   2"       popular sizes

Without Belt Loops you Look Thinner,
The Lady Can Sense the lead thru mid-section easier.

Dancers that Compete, and Instructors generally
do not use belt loop pants.

Your figure simply shows better than your regular work slacks,
 or even your best fancy dress pants.
It's about You Looking your BEST wearing our designs.

Salsa Line is Waistband with Belt Loops
great for a Dinner Dance or Walking down the street to Studio

YES we can make 1 1/2 or 1 3/4 waistband with Belt loops

Q:5  Does adding leg lining get hot inside?

A: No. Friction causes heat.
The lining reduces friction allowing for a cool silky smooth feel.

In addition the pants return towards the floor
 for quicker action, with no wrinkles.

Lining starts at the Top of the pants,
down to the end of the hem,

Full Front Lining controls Side Sway over the shoe. 
Very important.

Lining on certain materials
Most Customers Select inner leg lining.
you will notice your most expensive slacks over $200 have this.
but they stop at the knee. We go down to the shoe.
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Q:6  What colors do you offer?

SOLID BLACK is most popular 1st pair, and is recommended
Charcoal Gray, Navy and Royal Blue, off whites, Pin Stripes, Woolens
see color chart for more colors we carry. Let us know your request.

Your 1st pair should be Black,
colors should compliment the lady's dress-shoes etc

Q:7  What materials do you use?

A: We use various Premium Materials
 that have to pass several tests with satisfactory results.
Blacks do vary in color. 
some are more jet black than others.
see samples and compare.

poly fabrics are easy care, less or no wrinkle. 
Travels well.
Wool is elegant, requires dry cleaning,
using a steam iron and lint brush is needed

100% Wool Gabardine for Competitors and Pro Suits
seen in high end suits for men.

We feature 100% wool as in tuxedos, various blends,
and specialty materials.

Poly Crepe Stretch Poly and other Synthetic are easiest to care for,
non wrinkle, EZ to iron, travels well machine wash,

100% wool Gabardine is our finest material, requires dry cleaning,
is jet black, drapes very well, looks best
but requires frequent lint brush, and ironing. 
Perfect for competitions.

Due to extra higher costs using this material
$35   $50   $75  a fee is added for using certain high end fabrics

Q:8  How do I care for my DancePants?

A: Machine wash on cold gentle cycle 4-6 min inside out
 Hang dry on pant hanger upside down by hem
using wooden hanger with felt inside. 

Never use a wire hanger, thru the knee,
or the hangers with clips that leave marks on waistband.

Touch up with iron on low heat.

Wool, blends require dry cleaning. we use Wrinkle free materials
Our materials are not the very thin ones used in street slacks.

The materials we use for you have passed previous customer satisfactions.
we ensure you get a top quality product.

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Q:9  What if I order and it does not fit?

A: Contact DancePants immediately.
All pants are double inspected to your measurements supplied to us.

At times the pants require minor alteration which we prefer to do. 

Please Send back to Company Address below,
 with a note, allow 1 week to do alteration included with order.

It is very important to us that you are completely satisfied.

If after this alteration you still are unsatisfied
simply return your order for a prompt refund.

Your Satisfaction is very important to us.

Q:10  How long to have of DancePants made?

A: Currently 7-10  days after your order is confirmed

 your order is sent to you, with e-mail notifications.
Priority Shipping 2-3 Day.  FREE SHIPPING BONUS
 Need less than 7-10 days ? rush service is available

We have your size available to send in 1-2 days.
There is no additional charge for this service.

 its best to order custom-made for a more perfect fit, same price.
Just don't wait to the last minute to order.
we have in-stock common sizes for last minute orders only

Q:11  How and When do I pay?

A: Send Order Form with Measurements using website or fax-mail

Fastest Service is using online Shopping Cart
use debit-credit cards, or paypal account

Pay online in 3-5 minutes, using secure encrypted, online
Order moves into Processing Quickly,

To Pay by Check or Money order
the old fashion way takes longer

send to  DancePants
107 Rosewell Way     San Jose  CA  95138

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Q:12  Can I order online?

A: Yes. Use on-line order form     Fast and Easy

Q:13   Where are Orders Made?

A: Northern California. USA   (Bay Area ) silicon valley
see above for mailing address.


Q:14  How are the pants made?

Your Pants are First Designed by Eric using your measurements.
a pattern is made, sent to the seamstress for constructions.

Precise cutting of the material ensures a custom fit.
Using top of the line sewing equipment
smooth seams, and finished edges are the result. 

It is important to supply us with accurate measurements
 to enable us to perform our job correctly.

It takes about 4 hours labor,
 plus 2 yards of material for 1 pair of DancePants.

The completed pants are inspected several times,
pressed, packaged,
and sent to you with 2-3 day shipping.

Your outfit is inspected by Designer prior to release.

Q:15   What is Permanent Sewn-in Crease ?

A:  This is a very  important element .
The crease gives an edge to the pants structure
 to create a Sharp Leg Line from the side.
Pants Stop When You do !
It makes ironing easier. 
 because its difficult  to sew this edge
 is why you don't see it often.
a straight edge 1/16"  from edge requires
 precise sewing control down front of leg.
The overall effect is a sharp leg line

an exclusive element for real DancePants
always added unless you specify not to include.

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Q:16   What's the difference
Regular / Latin / Flared Hem

A:  The Regular Hem is Designed for 3/4 to 1 " Heels.
Latin Hem is designed for Cuban or 1 1/2 inch
Angled Longer at bottom allows length to cover heel
close to the floor, not much break on front of shoe.

The Flared Hem is wider to cover more shoe.
This is Generally 11  11.5   12 inches wide hem width
 slightly taken in at the knee minus - 1 inch

Street Slacks have Narrow Hem  8.5 to 9.5" side to side
 why show laces and socks are seen while dancing.

Dance Pants Hem   9.5  10  10.5  11  11.5  12 inch
based on your shoe size.

Q:17   What is the cost?

A:   $195. Basics Design (practice/Social)  
Comps Instructors-Pros #1  Choice
optional leg Lining + $35.00
  Tux Trim +25.00  
specialty material +$15 to  $35
Reg Wool + 50. Super-Fine Wool $75  ultra Cashmere +95

Vests $150  Double Breasted +35  + Tuxedo Lapel +75

   See Complete Price List here

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Q:18   Can I order  COD

A:  Yes $15 Extra (our costs) 
Indicate when Ordering. Requires Approval 1st

Q:19  references of others
 ordering and satisfied ?

A:  Over a Thousand Satisfied Customers are before you.
Instructors from Arthur Murray studios,  Fred Astaire,
and other independent dance studios
wear DancePants as part of their profession.

Competitors, and Top Teachers wear our Designs Daily
USA Dance , USABDA and others have all been satisfied. 

Only a few customers have asked for a refund.

No Question Refund Policy after 1 free alteration.
If you don't look good neither do we!

Your Complete Satisfaction is most important
to all of us here at DancePants.

 need to see referrals?  

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Q:20    What else do you offer?

A: We specialize in  Dance Apparel for Men primarily.
founded with practice pants for old man taking lessons,
we have grown to include other items.  full service for
Ballroom and Dance Sport type Dancing

Parents order for youth doing Irish Step Dance

many customers add a Matching Vest
Very Nice for Am Smooth.

Double Breasted Vest is an option.

Some order Am Smooth Jacket with the Order for 3 piece

Shirts in various popular designs, stock & custom-made
quality leather dance shoes, and misc. dance items

Tail Suits are available for intl standard,
with all the accessories available in stock.

proper ballroom shirt, cotton or plastic collar,
studs and cuff links, bow ties,
pique waistcoat, white suspenders,
and patent leather shoes.

Tuxedo Shirts Fitted to Dance In,
alterations with Built In Briefs to Quality Black
and White Tuxedo Shirts for Bow or Regular Tie.

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Q:21  Can you send
 Sample Fabrics  & Ordering Information?

A: YES Click here. Ask for our Best Sellers Collection!

Request Measurement Tape if Needed.

Q:22   Who is the person in charge?

A:  Eric E. Anctil    e-Mail
 for questions/concerns or phone 408 363 8393

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Q:23    How Do I Measure Myself ?

Its easy with a seamstress type measurement tape 60 inches long
usually white or yellow.
You can also e-mail your measurements metric system Canadian

see "read me instructions" on where and how

Use Online Measurement Chart  Order Here
phone if you have questions for Free Consultations

We Review All Orders for Accuracy and can spot-find errors.

Relax, Don't Worry,
 your DancePants should Fit Perfect and Look Great !

Q 24   What is the Best Procedure to Ordering

read FAQ. benefits & features + how to measure

see " read me instructions "
then submit measurements for review.

use debit credit card for payment preferred,
or mail in personal check.

Your order is Faster when you
 use Shopping Cart Checkout,
otherwise your order is placed on pending status,
 and waits for order to arrive by mail.

We Ship Weekly in Groups of Orders.

We can check in stock Inventory for your size.
We have all Sizes in Stock 24 to 44 waist

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Q 25   What is Popular?

Most of our customers order Comp Model DancePants.
Many Order Latin Pants plus Tuxedo Pants with Matching Vest

Poly Crepe or Stretchy Poly, and the Wool Gabardine Suiting,
are most popular fabrics

Request Fabric Swatches to see current samples

Lining is nice upgrade option as it goes down to the bottom
of pants near the shoe to control side sway,
and feels silky inside over the thigh and knee.

Its good to consider the Vest at the same time
 made from same roll so material will match exactly.
Some order 2 outfits
Latin and Am Smooth we can help with the shirts and shoes.

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