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No Pockets or Beltloops


optional inner Lining

Comfortable Leg Area

Quality Fabrics


Smooth  1.5 to 3" Waistband

Form Fit + Pleats

Permanent Sewn Crease

Regular +  Latin Hem

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Pants Side View

        Similar Designs to Dancing with the Stars

Latin Comp

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Your Dance Outfit will Look Great on You.

 Smooth Waistband 1.5" to 3" you choose width
or add Beltloops to 1.5"  1 3/4 " for Dinner-DancePants or Salsa
Comp Model.   Basics have inner waistband   (originally for old men taking lessons)

By eliminating the traditional 4 pockets your current pants have,
 the excess material and bulges  disappear showing a slimmer figure.
Belt loops create a larger measurement by adding inches to your waist.
You no longer require a belt to hold your pants up with the rubber inside.

you will look like a Dancer with improved posture

perfect for Instructors.and Competitors.


1 3/4 - 3"  smooth  Waistband
with Rubber Gripper inside

The sturdy waistband gives you a firmer, flatter stomach. Look 5 lbs. thinner.
 Better lead thru the mid section. Holds shirt in better.
Longer leg lines achieved with this design.
Your current pants are  half the size about 1 inch waistband.

We also can make waistband Wider for You.  2 to 3 inches is best.

The closure is a wide Velcro Patch.  No metal buldge.

Below is Standard Black Nylon zipper.


0ptional  full Inner Leg Lining.
to end of Shoe on the Front.  Nice!

The silky inner leg lining creates smooth surface to glide down leg.
This allows quicker action for pants to drape down leg with less friction. 

Not hotter inside.  Feels Great!

Your Pants become a high quality product you feel proud about.

Controls side sway at hem...
The lining is full front from waist to hem.


Comfortable Leg area

The extra room around the knee area allows more leg action
without feeling restricted in the crotch area.
Perfect for Cuban motion and other deep hip and leg movements. 
Full Hem design allows the pants to cover laces and heel showing no socks.


original Poly Crepe
or New Poly Stretch

This material is our original choice, and still popular.

We use only fine quality materials.
Request Current Samples Free of Charge.  Just Ask

Our Most Popular and best looking upgrade material is
100% Wool Gaberdine. This is what the pro's wear at Comps.

Features of the poly crepe and stretch poly

Breathes to allow Heat to Escape

Machine washable on Cold Gentle cycle

Non wrinkle. Requires Very little ironing


Form Fit or Pleats?
single-double or no pleats

The double pleats on the front allow a relax fit.
Very stylish looking. Hides weight gain.
 Nice for smooth dancing.  Traditional
  For Latin Cuban motion, slim figure, order Form Fit.
The Form fit is out most popular, and look the best. 
No Puffing up on front

Latin Comps - Form Fit - Latin Hem
 most popular, and best looking


Permanent Sewn-in Crease.
Very important for Sharp Leg Line

The crease is sewn at very edge, down the center of the leg from
the waistband to the center part of your shoe. 
Your posture will be better balanced. It will be easier to iron. 
The crease also gives a better leg line.
A precise center drape of the material over the leg.

an always exclusive at DancePants


Regular or Latin Hem or Flared hem?

Depending on the shoe style you intend to wear with the pants.
Select Regular Hem for smooth dancing & regular heel. 
For 1 1/2 inch heel, select Latin Hem.
This allows the heel to be covered without bunching up on top of shoe. 
Angled longer in back to cover heel

Flared is Wider at the Base of the Hem
generally 10.5  to 11   11.5 is wide with 12 covering most shoes