How to Measure Step by Step

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 Below Read Where and How To Send in Accurate Numbers


Waist A-A Is around your mid-section just above your pants waistband.
Round up your Measurement to Nearest 1/2 inch.
This is your Actual Measurement.  Final Size of DancePants is slightly less

If you have a larger Belly, you will find a 2 to 2.5 inch waistband will hold it all in
to make you Look Thinner Immediately.

Rise  A-B Taken from small of back just above your current belt loop pants
then Go Thru Legs up to naval area, where you want the pants to rise up to.
Leave a little slack between leg area.

Hip  C-C measure around  Largest Part of your Buttocks Area
Measure Snug but not Tight,  look for largest number you see.

 Final Size of Pants  + 1" slightly larger for comfort and freedom of movements

Leg  D-D  Measure around your Thigh Area,
3/4 way up   Between Knee, and Hips.
DancePants  are designed to have additional leg room
 Hem Width based on Shoe Size is wider to cover socks and shoe laces

Length  A-E  Measurement is Total Length of DancePants.
Be sure to have Dance Shoes on. Stand Next to wall. make a small mark 1 inch higher.
measure  +1 inch higher than normal slacks down to 1/4" to 1/2" off floor

How To Do  Length Measurement Yourself
stand next to wall, and make a small pencil dot.
Top of Waistband for Regular Slacks area.
or Add  1 "Latin Style, or 1.5 for High Waist
measure from this mark to the floor and subtract - 3/8"

inside is additional 1.5 " fabric if necessary to make longer
Easy Alterations- allow any amount to be taken in


Chest : Measure Just under your arms at the Largest Part,
over a t-shirt. in Dance Position
Finals size is just slightly larger than this

Back: total length of the Vest measured from the base of your neck where
the shirt collar attaches to body of shirt. A Seam is located there.
Measure down to 1 inch Below the Belt loops, seam where it joins pants.
Below  1 to 1.5 inch is most common length for single or double breasted.

Long Length
where you hands cup in at the sides of your legs.
This can be approx where your suit length is located.
E-mail any length or special details of your Vest when ordering.
any number of buttons can be specified. Custom-Made to Order


Neck:  Measure around in the Middle Area  / Collar is located

Chest:  Measure Around Just Below Your Arms Not Tight

Shoulder: Measure across your Upper Shoulders at Top
Side To Side where the sleeves attach,
and just before they curve downwards

 Measure from Base of Neck Under Your Ear,
 Go to Shoulder Seam of Your Suit Jacket or Shirt

Sleeve: Measure from the above Shoulder Seam at Top
Go Downward Past  Wrist-Bone  approx 1 inch.
Total length of sleeve Measure from Base of Neck under Ear
to Where you want Sleeves to End, 
Past Wrist-Bone     0   .5     1    1.5   (inches)

Wrist: Measure around your Lower Arm / at Hand Area.

A Shirt Measurements Diagram is sent to your e-mail
 after you Order Dance Pants or Suit for you to send in numbers