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DancePants Current Design are based on Feedback
from Thousands of Previous Customers during the years of developments

we started with Students Taking Lessons at
Fred Astaire and Arthur Murray Dance Studios
This was start of the BASICS MODEL
inner waistband  for comfort,
for taking lessons and practice.

Thereafter the Instructors began to order
introducing the COMPS MODEL
This is current Best Seller for Latin DancePants and Tuxedo Models

Studio Dance Instructors Teach lessons daily in our apparel line
 Instructors often refer Students for Showcase Events to look their best.

the Professionals at National Dance Competitions Trust us to Deliver on time
to fit perfectly to attend National Professional Dance Competitions.

 DancePants is a Proud Sponsor at Major Universities Ballroom Team Events
Awarding the Top Dancers Valuable Certificates worth Hundreds of Dollars


This was Years Ago, till 02

the Line has expanded yearly to Include Full Service to the Male Ballroom Dancer.
Latin Dance Pants, Vests, Shirts, Tuxedo Dance Suits, Am Smooth,
intl style Tails Suits for Competitions
plus the accessories such as proper ballroom shirts, Collars , and misc items


Go with a Proven Service to Delivery a Good Fitting Outfit,
Send in Your Measurements Today to get started.



DancePants Designs Explanations

Form Fit . is the same as above but without pleats.
The pants are smooth front with sewn in front crease.
This style is perfect for Latin dancing and Cuban motion.

Smooth Front Pants for the Suits unless you specify Pleats when you order.

Latin Basics or Comps?  Which Model to Choose?

Latin Basic are intended for social dancing, practice, our original model
" old man taking lessons 1st pair "
They rise to where your current pants do. 
 The inner waistband is not seen vs the external one of the comp model

Latin Comps have a 1 3/4  to 3 inch  Smooth Waistband that you choose.
 The rise is about +1 inch higher than regular slacks.
Preferred by Instructors, Competitors,  for Showcases

Comps with Belt loops for a salsa or dinner dance model,
Measure the width of Belt you use generally 1.5 1 5/8   1 3/4 
6 Belt loops are installed so it fits your belt you intend to use.

Dance Pants that look like regular trousers, but they are not,
plus you can walk down the street with this model.  Dinner-Dance-e
get this in addition to your Latin Dance Pants.


Fabric Swatch Request +  Measurement Tape Available

Ultra Comps are same as above
made using High End Fabrics.  These Cost $35 to $50 per yard.
Super-Fine Wool Gabardine  / Tuxedo Wool / Poly Wool / Poly Stretch / Textured /

MATERIALS UPGRADES  + 75 to $95 Select from Package Sent in Mail.
you will see some of the Finest Woolens, for Mens Dance Suits.



Want to Add Tuxedo Side Trim? 
1/2"  5/8   3/4" 1inch width of shinny
tuxedo trimming down side of pants leg.
Looks Great and comes in Colors. or add Tux Trim to waistband.

As Seen on Dancing with the Stars
Many similar designs during the performance
Tux Side Trim Colors come in Black, Silver, Gold, White and Red

Ask for samples if interested in tux side trim colors.
It can Be Added to Waistband the Shinny Fabric.

Key Pouch is a small unnoticeable place to put a
Key, ID or Money. it will hold a credit card or room key.
On the right hand side unless indicated to put on left.

Dance Pants do not have pockets,
a key pouch is used to carry small items,
its Best Not To Dance carrying wallets, keys, change etc, and use shoe bag.
Its best Not to order this if you can as you do not break the line of your pants on front.

For Country Western Style, or those that require False Pockets
Several Designs available.  indicate on ordering Pocket Trims. Front or Back

Leg Lining is an option for those that want a smooth silky feel inside.
The pants feel great, and allow for a quicker response

Expensive pants always include lining. your new DancePants are Top Quality
with this added, and you will be happy.
Wicks moisture away, so they are not hot inside.
in gold and silver colors. Non Static high end- very thin-

Full Length down to the shoe lining
This controls Side Sway at the shoe so hem is Not So Jumpy.

Hem      Reg  Latin  Flared

Regular Hem. Depending on the style of shoe you wear,
the pant hem is designed to match.
For smooth dancing, and regular 3/4 to 1 inch heels,:  Regular hem

Latin Hem. The Hem is longer in the back to cover the heel
without bunching up on the front of the shoe.
For 1.5 to 1 3/4 inch Cuban heels.
Pant hem should be close to the floor on the back,
Do not see Socks and Shoe Laces with this design.

Flared hem is Wider Hem to cover More Shoe.
Pants Hem Widths are wider than regular trousers.
9.5 minimum generally, 10 & 10.5 most common size 
11 & 11.5 for larger shoes 12 and 13

This design can be Taken In at the Knee - 1" inch for a slight bell bottom, not too much.
a slight design element that you can add if you have seen and want this on your pair.

Foot Straps are for those who are generally in competition and rhythm dancing,
and need extra control of the pant leg to keep it down over the shoe.
The 1/4" elastic strap is sewn to the bottom of the pant leg,
to be worn over the mid section of shoe

High Waist is designed for those who want to have their pants come up
1-2 inches higher than their normal slacks would. Be sure to check this option.
This design is best suited for tall, slender figures.

Material poly crepe  stretch poly included.

Currently super-stretch poly is most popular and best looking.
Poly Crepe our Original Material.  both are included with the order.

other fabrics by request

 non wrinkle, machine washable, and easy to care for.
other poly fabrics can be included with your order.
Request Samples if interested
Colors other than Black

a Good Suggestion is: order Poly Crepe or Stretch Poly the included Fabric
Your 1st outfit   order Later a 2nd & 3rd pair from the specialty line
of fine Woolens, Pinstripe, or Colors.
Request Current Fabric Selection to see free swatches.

We keep your measurements on file so ordering again is easy.


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